The Philosophy of Coaching

How Coaching Works

For many, coaching can be more effective than other helping modalities because the coach and the client participate in a partnership of equals and each session and action plan is driven by the client.  Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.  Clients do not need to be "fixed".

You already have all the answers you need inside of you.  The job of the coach is to ask questions that help bring forth new insights that allow you to find these answers.  The coach’s responsibility is to:

  •  Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  •  Encourage client self-discovery
  •  Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  •  Hold the client responsible and accountable

Think about how likely you are to follow a plan or idea created by someone else, vs, a plan or idea that you created on your own.  Your own plans take into account our strengths, abilities and desires, and are more realistic than a cookie-cutter plan created by someone that doesn't know the real you.  Which option would you prefer?